Pennsauken officials have kept our taxes flat for 6 consecutive years but at what cost?

Pennsauken Township Committee officials love to tell us how they’ve kept our taxes flat for 6 years in a row.  It is their go to when anyone criticizes township government “But we’ve kept your taxes flat 6 years in a row!”.  It appears to be the crowing achievement of Pennsauken’s Township Committee.  But how did they accomplish it and at what cost? Continue reading “Pennsauken officials have kept our taxes flat for 6 consecutive years but at what cost?”

Who is Jessica Jarbouh Rafeh?

In my role as a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Consultant to corporate clients, a profession I’ve been in for 24 years, it’s my job to find information that people may not want found.  Since Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Jessica Rafeh and Marco DiBattista have refused to share much with us publicly other than a few selfies and limited bios on their Facebook page (no platform, no information on how they will make our town and lives better – nothing) I decided to do some digging.  Unfortunately I didn’t find much. Continue reading “Who is Jessica Jarbouh Rafeh?”

Marco and Jessica coming to a door near you? Maybe.

Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Marco DiBattista and Jessica Rafeh have recently started bragging about door knocking (far behind the opposing candidates who had already started their door knocking campaign) but will you see them at your door?  According to the last census there were 13,275 housing units in Pennsauken.  Will you be one of the few privileged who gets to hear their platform? Continue reading “Marco and Jessica coming to a door near you? Maybe.”

Signgate comes to Pennsauken!

Having been involved in prior political campaigns in Nevada and Pennsylvania I’ve learned something since coming to Pennsauken.  The world of Pennsauken politics is strange. It is a place where Democrats have been the sole ruling party for over 30-years and their successors appear to be handpicked and groomed.  Outsiders (and Republicans) do not appear welcome.  Board and important volunteer roles seem to be handed out as political favors.  The more time you spend learning the more questions you have.  The one constant is that Pennsauken Democrats believe they make the rules that everyone else needs to follow.  Sometimes they seem to make up those rules as they go along.   That brings us to Signgate. Continue reading “Signgate comes to Pennsauken!”

The deterioration of New Jersey under Governor Murphy continues

I read an article on the NJ 101.5 web site today entitled “NJ rally demands driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants“.   The article further demonstrates the deterioration of New Jersey under Governor Murphy.  It’s becoming glaringly obvious that there may be no New Jersey left for those of us who believe we are a nation of laws and expect our government to enforce those laws. Continue reading “The deterioration of New Jersey under Governor Murphy continues”

Internet trolls and Pennsauken Democrats

A few weeks ago on the Positively Pennsauken Facebook page Pennsauken Deputy Mayor Betsy McBride ended an exchange with residents by saying “Signing off.  I don’t live in social media world“.  Apparently the two Democratic candidates for Pennsauken Township Committee don’t see the value in “social media world” either since they’ve not bothered to engage residents on social media (other than a few selfies and posts talking about things they had nothing to do with).  Unfortunately their Internet trolls are out in full force speaking for them.   Continue reading “Internet trolls and Pennsauken Democrats”