Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire and knowing when to quit

So much #winning for failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee and 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire.  He lost the Pennsauken Township Committee election last year.  This year he’s lost the support of the Republican party and his running mates.  He’s lost the support of voters.  After his upcoming second degree felony assault trial (for beating his son) he may also lose his freedom (again).  

We all know that Squire has an extensive criminal record.   His record includes convictions for multiple counts of Theft by Deception and Burglary.   He spent just under 5 years incarcerated.

Squire Mug Shot

In two separate 2017 videos Squire gives very different explanations for his criminal convictions.

Squire is facing a trial later this year for Second Degree Felony Assault after being arrested for beating his son in the Summer of 2017.  Squire was running for Pennsauken Township Committee at the time but chose not to resign from the race.

Squire was an interesting candidate when he ran for Pennsauken Township Committee last year.  After he refused to answer questions about his professional qualifications to hold office, criminal record and other details about his background people started digging.  What we found was staggering.

It was discovered that Squire’s family home was in foreclosure.  Nationstar Mortgage had brought foreclosure action against Squire and his wife on their home in Pennsauken.  In 2017 Squire made this video attempting to explain away his foreclosure issue.

In the 2017 video Squire claimed “there is no tax lien” and “there is no foreclosure” but it turns out that was another lie.  During a search of the NJ Courts web site and an OPRA request to Pennsauken Township it was discovered that in 2018 (after Squire said in 2017 it was resolved) not only did Nationstar mortgage have an active foreclosure action against Squire and his wife the mortgage company paid the foreclosure fee to Pennsaken Township for 2018.  The documents are in this prior blog post Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours.

It was also discovered that Squire’s family home owed $1,290,285.71 in fines and penalties to Pennsauken Township.  According to this Notice and Order of Penalty “Therefore you are ORDERED to pay a penalty in the amount of $2,000 for each violation for a total penalty of $1,290,285.71”.  It goes on further to read “Further, take NOTICE that for each week that any of the said violation remain outstanding after 12/19/2013 an additional penalty of $2,000 per week shall result”.  As far as I was able to determine the penalties were not paid and the $1,290.285.71 in fines remained due and payable.

Squire, as a candidate for public office, apparently did not like to be questioned.  In this 2017 video compilation of just one encounter I had with Squire I attempted to interview him.  Instead of answering questions he chose to threaten me.

Late in the 2017 election season Squire insulted every woman in Pennsauken and anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence.  He made a comparison between voting for the incumbent Democrats and a woman staying with an abusive husband.  The blow back from these comments on social media was swift and could not be ignored – except that Squire chose to ignore them.  We saw Squire say to the women who demanded an apology “Why do you want an apology for something not directed to you?”.  The insensitivity from a candidate for political office and a man who presents himself as a Pastor and man of God was staggering.

As if making a joke of domestic violence was not enough Squire then went on to use suicide in a sarcastic reply to a Pennsauken resident questioning him on social media stating “Thank God you’re not a suicide prevention counselor”.  I heard from several people who had lost loved ones to suicide who were outraged by Squire’s remarks.  I am one of those people as I lost my father to suicide when I was a child.  Squire has made no attempt to apologize.

Squire Suicide 2

Squire was wrong on just about every issue he campaigned on.  In just one example Squire criticized Pennsauken Township Committee for not offering Petty’s Island as a potential location for Amazon.  Apparently Squire’s computer does not have Google because if he had done his research he would have known that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the island.  Pennsauken Township tried to develop the island in the early 2000’s with a developer.  In 2004 that project was halted when the eagles were spotted on the island.  In 2009 the land was handed over to the New Jersey Land Trust with the easement.

Squire also talked about developing Pennsauken’s waterfront. He told voters that Pennsauken can increase the amount of police officers and lower taxes through waterfront development. He talks of using the waterfront land for a community park, a community center, fishing pier, restaurants condominiums and a supermarket. There is only one problem. Pennsauken does not own the land along the riverfront and as far as anyone knows the owners of the land are not interested in selling the land to the Township for development. Mr. Squire is wrong on the issues he has based his campaign on and tries to influence voters through ideas that will never become reality.

I could go on and on with all of Squire’s 2017 bizarre behavior, lack of research on the issues he campaigned on, lies and missteps but this post would turn into a novel.  Squire lost the 2017 Pennsauken Township election.  He lost bad.  His numbers were so bad I had to double check to make sure his name was actually on the ballot.

Given how bad Squire lost in 2017 the end of the story is he went away right?  As is the case with anything Squire related you’d be wrong to assume Squire did the noble thing and disappeared from the local political scene and public eye.

In 2018 Squire announced that he was again running for Pennsauken Township Committee.  Knowing he would not gain the support and endorsement of the Pennsauken Republican Club he started his own political party, The Pennsauken Progressive Party or “TIPPR Party” as he called it.

Invitation to Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party

Squire’s TIPPR party invited the public to attend an “Intro to the Progressive Republican Party & Indentation to join” on February 8, 2018.  As a Pennsauken resident, blogger and registered Republican I decided to attend the TIPPR event.  Despite my being the only member of the public to show up (other then the two police officers that responded to Squire’s call).  Squire decided he did not want me at an event he invited the public to and called the Pennsauken Police to remove me.  A video and further explanation is in a prior blog post More police officers or stop wasting police resources?

Squire was removed from a bond referendum presentation at Roosevelt School by the Pennsauken Police Department on February 19, 2018 for causing a disturbance.  My understanding is that Squire made a disturbance outside before the presentation even began causing school district officials to call for police assistance.  At the next Township Committee meeting Squire complained to the Mayor and Township Committee about being removed from the referendum presentation.  Mayor Killion responded “were you removed from township property?  No?  Then take it up with the school board.”  I wrote about the incident in a prior blog post Karma can be a vindictive bitch.

On March 12, 2018 I stopped at the Pennsauken Municipal Building and while parking spotted the car Squire had been driving in a handicapped parking space.

Squire Lincoln

I shared the picture on social media and many expressed outrage that Squire who walks all over Pennsauken campaigning and is clearly able-bodied would use a handicapped parking spot that someone else may have needed (I parked in a legal space behind Squire.  Him using a legal space would have cost him 10 or 15 extra feet).   Surprisingly Squire did respond when a resident questioned him about it.  I thought for a moment that his explanation would be sincere and include and apology but in typical Squire style he ended with a sarcastic remark “Let me also confess I left a ½ swallow of orange juice in the refrigerator.  Forgive me”.  Squire is a candidate for public office who illegally and immorally used a handicapped parking spot that may have been needed by someone truly disabled.  Instead of humbling himself and apologizing he makes a sarcastic remark?

Squire Parking Explination

A typical Squire style campaign for public office was in full effect including all of the bazaar and inappropriate behavior we’ve come to expect from Squire.

For reasons that continue to be unclear to me the Camden County Republican Committee decided to back Squire in a run for Camden County Freeholder.  Squire proudly removed himself from the Pennsauken Township Committee race and proclaimed how the Camden County GOP had “asked him” to run for Camden County Freeholder.  One of the first things we saw from Squire after he began his campaign for Camden County Freeholder was this photo of him and United States Senate candidate Bob Hugin.  Unfortunately Squire struck again as he apparently did not know who he was posing for a picture with calling him “Bob Huge”.

Bob Huge

We assumed that the Camden County Republican Committee was coaching Squire since while his behavior continued to be bizarre it wasn’t quite as bad as what we’d seen in 2017.  Then I began to hear whispers that Camden County Republicans wanted him off of the ticket.   It first became public in this blog post from the Bob and Steve radio show (92.1 FM WVLT in Vineland) Camden County’s Rogue Republican has to go.

On the Bob and Steve Show blog post there was reference to a blog post on the Rabblerouser blog entitled Black Preacher fights against memorial for MLK.  It seems Squire had gotten himself involved in a controversy over a plaque honoring Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King in Burlington County.   Why Squire would get himself involved in a controversy in Burlington County while he is running for office in Camden County is beyond me.  Why Squire opposes a plaque honoring Doctor King is also beyond me.  Is it possible Squire is just smarter than the rest of us?  I doubt it.

Then the news that I was both expecting and waiting for came.  In a media release on August 28, 2018 the Camden County GOP announced they had disavowed Squire claiming he had not been completely honest with them about his checkered past.  The CCGOP claims they and Squire’s running mates had asked him to resign several times and he refused.  They also state they are aware of at least one cash donation made to Squire that he did not report to the ELEC.

CCGOP Press Release

CCGOP Press Release Page 2

Squire, apparently too proud or too stupid to realize his race for Camden County Freeholder is over posted this campaign poster on social media AFTER the CCGOP’s announcement they had dumped him.

Camden County Needs Squire

Is it possible that Squire intends to continue his run for Camden County Freeholder without the support of the Camden County Republican Committee?

Squire, Camden County does not need you.  I take that back.  We need you to go away.  You were wrong for Pennsauken in 2017, you were wrong for Pennsauken in 2018 and you are wrong for Camden County.

Squire, what would it make you for continuing your campaign for Camden County Freeholder?