People are finally listening Mr. Squire

It happened.  Finally.  And I can’t help but feel some satisfaction.  A few Pennsauken residents have been trying to tell the larger county audience who Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire is.  I’ve been vocal on this  blog.  I’ve written to Camden County GOP Chair Richard Ambrosino who called me “The nut Mike Astringer”, said I need to “get over it” and thanked me for my “looney rant”, I’ve written to the NJ State GOP without response.  I wrote to Bob Hugin who also did not reply.  I wrote Paul Dilks who replied “Vincent Squire has done more to energize the African American community than I could have ever done on my own. I have received the support of at least 10 different pastors who have never supported a Republican because of his efforts”.  I’ve spoken to Democrats (despite the fact that I am a Republican) about their opposition.  I’ve spoken to others involved on the Republican side of the Camden County Freeholder race. I’ve spoken all over social media.  My efforts seemed to fall on deaf ears.  The Camden County GOP continued to support Squire and various Republican candidates continued to campaign alongside him.  

A few weeks ago I began hearing whispers that Camden County Republicans wanted Squire off the ticket and had asked for his resignation.  I was hearing that Camden County Republicans claimed that Squire was not forthcoming in talking about all of the skeletons in his closet.  County Republicans claimed not to know he was arrested last summer and charged with Second Degree Felony Assault for beating his son.  I found this curious since I shared video of Squire talking about his arrest with Ambrosino, the NJ State GOP, Hugin and Dilks.  I not only shared Squire’s arrest last summer but his criminal record, prison term and documents I had received via an OPRA request regarding his family home being in foreclosure and over $1 million in fines owed Pennsauken Township on his family home.  I shared examples of times Squire was wrong on important issues and times he flat out lied.  No one seemed to care at the time.  Much of the information I shared can be found in this prior post on the Positively Pennsauken Blog.

Then yesterday a post came out on the blog of the Bob & Steve radio show “Camden County’s Rogue Republican Has To Go”.  If the impact of this post does not immediately stand out the Steve in Bob & Steve is Steve Kush, a political consultant hired by the Camden County GOP who is working on, among other races, the Camden County Freeholder race  My understanding is Kush was hired to help get Squire elected.  Now he wants him off the ticket.

That article confirms what I’ve been hearing.  Camden County Republican leadership wants him to drop out of the race.  His running mates want him to drop out of the race.  Squire refuses.

Squire is an embarrassment to Republican voters in this County.  He never should have been allowed to run in the first place.  It seems to me that Ambrosino and Dilks were willing to ignore all of the factual information on Squire because they thought he’d bring them African American voters.  Not only do I find that personally offensive but I’m not surprised that Squire was not smart enough to see he was being exploited.

Anyone in Camden County who finds Squire running for County Freeholder as disgraceful as I do please share The Bob & Steve Show blog post and the Positively Pennsauken blog throughout the county.  In my opinion Squire is a conman but a conman who works hard.  He is quietly traveling Camden County talking to voters.  He’s a likable enough guy when you meet him until you dig into who he really is.  The voters of Camden County deserve to know the real Vincent Squire.

Mr. Greco, the closing lines of your blog post (including the video compilation of Squire threatening me) are my favorite part of the article.

“I considered calling Squire to set up an interview, but then I stumbled upon a video of Squire threatening a blogger who attempted an interview.

Nope! Not happening. I will not sit down with this guy.

Vincent Squire, do the Republican Party and yourself a favor and drop out of the race NOW. With trying to stop the installation of a plaque honoring the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, a second degree assault charge and a video of you threatening a blogger you are a giant embarrassment.”

If you are a voter in Camden County do yourself a favor and read this Camden County’s Rogue Republican Has To Go.

Is Vincent Squire the right candidate to serve as Camden County Freeholder?