Is Pennsauken our town or their town?

A few days ago on the Positively Pennsauken Facebook page I asked the question “Does Mr. Dibattista (Democrat Pennsauken Township Committee candidate) being an employee of the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority with a salary of almost $100,000 cross any personal ethical boundaries for us if he’s elected? I’m not implying anyone is doing anything illegal but it doesn’t feel very good to me.”.  Democrats became very angry and defensive that I asked the question.  Their reaction prompted me to do some additional research.  Here is what I found.

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As you see above out of 29 positions on Pennsauken Township Committee, Pennsauken Planning Board, Pennsauken Zoning Board and Pennsauken School Board (plus one current candidate);

  • A staggering 24 are registered Democrats
  • Only 1 is a registered Republican
  • One is listed as unaffiliated and 3 I could not find their voter registration records.

Additionally 7 are current or former Pennsauken Township employees, 2 are current or former Pennsauken School District employees and 4 are Pennsauken Sewerage Authority employees (Including candidate DiBattista.  Note I only listed employers if relevant).  Out of 29 positions on these boards (plus one candidate) 13 work for Pennsauken Township, the Pennsauken School District or the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority!

I also found it interesting that the Chairs of the Pennsauken Planning Board and the Pennsauken Zoning Board are both members of the Camden County Democratic Committee.

For over 30 years Pennsauken has been under the rule of one party (Democrats) and their handpicked successors.  According to the 2010 census there were 35,855 residents in Pennsauken.   Of the active registered voters in Pennsauken approximately 51% are Democrat.  If only approximately half of the voters in our town are registered Democrat why are 24 of 29 leadership roles in town held by Democrats?  Of those 29 why do 13 (including one candidate) work for Pennsauken Township, the Pennsauken School District or the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority?

So I ask again.  Is Pennsauken our town or their town?

Pennsauken is blessed to be a diverse community yet there seems to be little to no diversity in our leadership.  Our leadership is overwhelmingly Democrat and almost half work for or are past employees of Pennsauken Township, Pennsauken School District or Pennsauken Sewerage Authority.   Do the other 35,826 members of our community not count?

As you head to the polls this November I hope you’ll ask yourself “Is Pennsauken our town or their town?”