The Waste of Taxpayer Resources by Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire Continues

#MEMORIES of the man who wants to be your Camden County Freeholder threatening a voter. Even though I have Squire on video threatening to “beat the crap out of me” I did not file criminal charges.

Squire on the other hand likes to use the legal system in an attempt to intimidate his detractors. You may remember that Squire committed fraud earlier this year when “served” me with a $10 million lawsuit. The only problem was the docket number on his homemade “lawsuit” was assigned to a completely different case that my name is not attached to. Squire committed fraud in an attempt to get me to stop reporting on him.

Many of you may recall that in an attempt to calm people who were upset about Squire making a mockery of “I will apologize /  I won’t apologize” after comparing voting for Democrats to woman staying with an abusive husband Duke Martz made a joke on the closed Positively Pennsauken Facebook page after working hours and on his personal time. Squire filed criminal charges against Duke saying that he had threatened anyone who attended any of his events (untrue). Squire took it a step further. He went to a Pennsauken Township Committee meeting (which I attended) and demanded that Duke be reprimanded by the Township.

Because Squire was again using the legal system to try to intimidate his detractors (and in Duke’s case get him reprimanded at work) let’s think about the tax payer resources he wasted.

  1. The time and effort of the Pennsauken Police Department who had to take the report and investigate frivolous charges.
  2. The time and effort of the Pennsauken Township Solicitor who also had to investigate (again Duke spoke using his own device after working hours and on his own time).
  3. The clerical staff and Judge in the Pennsauken Court.
  4. The clerical staff  in the Audubon Court (the case was moved due to Duke’s position with the Township).
  5. The Prosecutor who was assigned to the case.
  6. The Judge in the Audubon Court

I’m happy to report that yesterday in Audubon the Prosecutor in the case declined to pursue the charges and the Judge agreed.   It was apparently clear to them that Squire was once again misusing tax payer resources for his own agenda.  The charges were dropped.  The #FreeDuke movement is over.  Duke can no longer be considered criminal element (which I’m happy about because my mom wouldn’t let me hang out with him while he was under indictment.   She doesn’t like me associating with criminals).

Squire apparently was not happy.  My understanding is that he argued with the Judge until the Judge threatened to have him removed.

Squire just keeps on #WINNING.  So much #WINNING.

This is the man who wants to be your Camden County Freeholder.  A convicted Felon (multiple Felony counts including Theft by Deception).   A man who beat his 15-year old child so badly last summer that he was charged with Second Degree Felony Assault.  A man who committed Fraud when he “served” me with a frivolous “lawsuit”.  A man whose family home was in foreclosure as of earlier this year (I have not verified since my initial OPRA request earlier this year if remains in foreclosure).  A man whose family home owed over $1 million in fines to Pennsauken Township as of earlier this year (I have not verified since my initial OPRA request earlier this year if the fines have been paid).   A man who was removed from a Pennsauken public school earlier this year for causing a disturbance.  A man who wastes tax payer dollars in an attempt to use the legal system to intimidate his detractors.

Is Vincent Squire the right candidate to serve as Camden County Freeholder?