Why is the NJ State Legislature Focused on Legal and Law Abiding Gun Owners?

While this blog is about Pennsauken there are times when I will address a statewide issue as any issue in the state legislature effects Pennsauken.  This is one of those issues.

While many of us are screaming about NJ Governor Murphy’s agenda of increased taxes, legalized marijuana and sanctuary state status we let one slip right by us.  NJ arguably already has the toughest gun laws in the U.S.  Now Democratic lawmakers will make it even tougher for legal gun owners while virtually ignoring the true problem of crimes committed with illegal guns.  Murphy says he intends to sign six bills into law on Wednesday.  Many of these bills have been around for years but were blocked by former Governor Christie. 

State Senate President Steve Sweeney said that many of the illegal guns in New Jersey come from other states with weaker gun laws.  According to NJ.com Governor Murphy last month highlighted statistics showing that more than three-quarters of guns connected to crimes in New Jersey come from beyond its borders.  My question for Murphy and Sweeney is how will making laws tougher on law abiding legal gun owners in New Jersey stop the importation of guns into the state?  By their own admission most gun crimes in New Jersey are not committed by legal gun owners in the state.  Then why are they the focus of Democrats in the State Legislature?

I tried to find statistics on gun related crime in New Jersey (legal vs. illegal guns).  I could not.   I also could not find federal statistics easily.  I did find  few studies on the subject.

Dr. Daniel Webster, Director of the John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research conducted a study surveying inmates to estimate how many illegally possessed guns.  According to his research in the 13 states with the fewest restrictions on gun ownership, 40 percent of inmates illegally obtained the gun they used.  Only about 13 percent purchased the gun from a store or pawn shop.  In the other 37 states, including New York state, 60 percent of inmates illegally procured the gun they used, Webster said.   “If you look at the most stringent standards for legal gun ownership, it’s more like 65 percent,” Webster said.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh teamed up with the Pittsburgh Police Department in 2016 to look at almost 900 firearms recovered from crime scenes in 2008. They found the criminals connected to these firearms did not legally possess them in 80 percent of the cases.  The top-line finding of the study – that the overwhelming majority of gun crimes aren’t committed by lawful gun owners – reinforces a common refrain among gun rights advocacy groups. They argue that since criminals don’t follow laws, new regulations on gun ownership would only serve to burden lawful owners while doing little to combat crime.

Philip Cook, a Professor of Economics and Sociology at Duke University said in 2015 after conducting a study on the subject “I think it’s safe to say that a low percentage of criminal assaults and robberies are committed with guns that were acquired by legal purchase from a gun store”  Cook further said “”Most people who commit assault, robbery, or murder with a gun anywhere in the U.S. are disqualified under federal law from being in possession of a gun due to age, criminal record, addiction status, immigration status or other reason”

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I oppose the Liberal agenda generally as bad for America and Murphy and his agenda specifically for New Jersey.  Increased burden on legal and law abiding gun owners in New Jersey while ignoring the real problem – illegal guns in the state – is just another example.  I have said many times that the people of New Jersey will envy Detroit when Murphy is done with us.  The Democrats in Trenton seem intent on every law abiding productive citizen in the state leaving.  New Jersey will become a  baron wasteland of pot smoking illegals carrying illegal firearms while productive citizens take their tax revenue and businesses elsewhere.