Why is the NJ State Legislature Focused on Legal and Law Abiding Gun Owners?

While this blog is about Pennsauken there are times when I will address a statewide issue as any issue in the state legislature effects Pennsauken.  This is one of those issues.

While many of us are screaming about NJ Governor Murphy’s agenda of increased taxes, legalized marijuana and sanctuary state status we let one slip right by us.  NJ arguably already has the toughest gun laws in the U.S.  Now Democratic lawmakers will make it even tougher for legal gun owners while virtually ignoring the true problem of crimes committed with illegal guns.  Murphy says he intends to sign six bills into law on Wednesday.  Many of these bills have been around for years but were blocked by former Governor Christie.  Continue reading “Why is the NJ State Legislature Focused on Legal and Law Abiding Gun Owners?”

A letter to the Dilks for Congress Campaign

June 4, 2018

Mr. Dilks,

As a resident and Republican voter in Pennsauken I wish you all the best in your campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.  I believe that New Jersey needs strong Republican elected officials to represent our interests.  With the excellent job our President is doing Republicans need to stand strong and united against a national Democratic party who does not have our best interests at the forefront.  Additionally I fear the agenda of Governor Murphy.  A socialist state with legalized marijuana and sanctuary status is not a state I want to live in.  I fear the people of New Jersey will envy Detroit when Murphy is finished with us! Continue reading “A letter to the Dilks for Congress Campaign”