An open letter to the Hugin For Senate Campaign

May 13, 2018

Mr. Hugin,

As a resident and Republican voter in Pennsauken Camden County I wish you all the best in your campaign for United States Senate.  I believe that New Jersey needs strong Republican elected officials to represent our interests.

This brings me to the point of my letter.  Yesterday a local Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire took the opportunity to share a photo of the two of you on the campaign trail on social media (calling you Bob Huge not Bob Hugin.  I found Squire not knowing your name extremely disrespectful but typical of his lack of knowledge and research). 

Bob Huge

While two Republican candidates taking a photo on the campaign trail might not ordinarily raise concerns I thought you should know the man you are associating yourself with.  As I said I feel it important that strong Republicans are elected in New Jersey and I want to ensure that campaigning with Squire does not have a negative effect on your campaign.   I write a local Pennsauken blog and have done extensive research on failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate and current Camden county Freeholder candidate Squire.  I would like to share some of the information I’ve gathered.

For reasons I can’t quite grasp Squire is supported by the Camden County Republican Committee (after the local Pennsauken Republican Club refused to endorse or support him).  Squire is an unpopular figure in Pennsauken.  He had initially registered to run for Pennsauken Township Committee again in 2018 and since he was unable to get the support or endorsement of our long established Republican Club started his own party, The Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party (TIPPR party as they call it).  The TIPPR party is a party of two individuals after trying multiple times to garner public support.  Squire being such an unpopular figure in Pennsauken I believe he realized he had no chance of gaining the support of local Republicans or getting elected to Pennsauken Township Committee so he chose to run for a countywide office where he felt he’d  be less known.   There are good reasons why local voters find Squire an embarrassment and will not support him.

Squire is a convicted Felon.  He has multiple convictions for Theft by Deception and Burglary and served time in prison from 2007 to 2012.   When asked Squire has given multiple different explanations for his convictions.  Squire was also arrested in the summer of 2017 for beating his son so badly he was charged with Second Degree Felony Assault.  You can find documentation of Squire’s criminal record, incarceration and video evidence of his multiple explanations of his convictions here

Squire Mug Shot

As of February 2018 Squire’s family home was in foreclosure (I have not verified in the past couple of months that the home continues in foreclosure).   As of February there was an active foreclosure action filed by Nationstar Mortgage against Squire and his wife.  The mortgage company paid the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township for 2018 and as of February 2018 the property was listed as an “active registration” in Pennsauken’s foreclosure database.  The documentation is located here  You’ll notice if you scroll down the page a video of Squire in 2017 claiming the issue was resolved.  If the issue was resolved why did the bank pay the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township for 2018?

As of February 2018 there were outstanding property maintenance  violations and summonses on Squire’s family home (I have not verified in the past couple of months of these issues have been resolved) .  Per the OPRA’d documents I received over $1 million in fines were due Pennsauken Township on the home.  The documentation is here

Squire refuses to answer questions or discuss his professional qualifications.  His LinkedIn profile reflects that he is President and CEO of The Squires Group.  A web search shows The Squires Group is a technology consulting firm in Annapolis, MD.  His LinkedIn profile also reflects that he is President and CEO of Squire Holdings in Vineland, NJ.  His Facebook profile reflects that he is President & CEO of Squire Holdings in Philadelphia.  A web search shows no such company.  The documentation is here

Squire Profile

Squire either lied or was wrong on many of the issues he based his campaign on in 2017. Case in point he talked about offering Petty’s Island to Amazon and developing the island around Amazon (homes, a hotel, etc).  He seemed completely unaware that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the land (information easily obtained via a web search).  In 2004 a prior development project was halted when the eagles were spotted on the island.  In 2009 the land was handed over to the New Jersey land trust with an easement.  Did Squire do not so much as a Google search before trying to convince voters to support him based on developing the island.  There are more examples and documentation of Squires lies or simply being wrong on the issues here

While attempting to interview him during his 2017 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee Squire threatened me multiple times.  Squire has demonstrated time and time again that he does not have the temperament to hold public office and represent the people of Camden County.


Squire made a very inappropriate and offense video during his failed 2017 run for Pennsauken Township Committee comparing voting for incumbent Democrats to a woman staying with an abusive husband.  Residents of Pennsauken were offended and outraged.  Squire first refused to apologize then made a mockery of residents demand for an apology.  So far as I know a public apology was never issued.


These are just some examples of Squires lies, inaccurate positions on important issues and bizarre behavior.  I wrote a blog piece that goes into much more detail on Squire’s behavior  (including his admitted illegal use of handicapped parking) here

I find Squire to be a conman, unqualified and unfit to serve the resident of Camden County.  

Mr. Hugin I wish you much success in your run for United State Senate and hope that you will pay more attention to those you associate with as you campaign.


Michael Astringer