What to do with the Longfellow School site? The saga continues.

I have been quiet about my opposition to the Pennsauken School District building a public park at the site of the Longfellow School.  In an agreement with Pennsauken Schools Superintendent Ronnie Tarchichi I agreed to support the referendum in exchange for his commitment to survey Pennsauken residents before moving forward with the plan to build a public park.  In reality I supported all of the referendum except the park.  With a commitment to let the residents decide if the District should spend $500,000 in taxpayer funds to build a public park I became a vocal supporter of the referendum.  I have also been a vocal supporter of Superintendent Tarchichi as I believe his vision for the Pennsauken School District will make us the premier district in the region.  Continue reading “What to do with the Longfellow School site? The saga continues.”