Is this the behavior we expect of a candidate running for office?

Failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire is again running for Pennsauken Township Committee in 2018.  Having no chance at the endorsement of either local party Squire created his own “TIPPR” party or “The Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party.  Based upon the attendance at their last political rally the “TIPPR” party appears to have two members.  Squire and his “TIPPR” co-founder.

There is good reason why established political parties in Pennsauken apparently want nothing to do with Squire. Positively Pennsauken has provided documentation on;

  • Squire’s criminal record.  Squire has multiple felony convictions for Theft by Deception and Burglary and served time in prison from 2007 to 2012.  When asked Squire has given multiple different explanations about his convictions.  He was also arrested in the summer of 2017 for beating his son so badly he was charged with second degree felony assault.  You can find documentation of Squire’s criminal record, incarceration and video evidence of his multiple explanations of his convictions here

Squire Mug Shot

  • Squire’s family home is in foreclosure.  There is an active foreclosure action filed by Nationstar Mortgage against Squire and his wife.  The mortgage company paid the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township for 2018 and the property is listed as an “active registration” in Pennsauken’s foreclosure database.  The documentation is here   You’ll notice if you scroll down the page a video of Squire claiming this issue was resolved.  If this was resolved why did the bank pay the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township for 2018?
  • Squire refuses to answer questions or discuss his professional qualifications.  His LinkedIn profile reflects that he is President & CEO of The Squires Group.   A web search shows The Squires Group is a technology consulting firm in Annapolis, MD.  His LinkedIn profile also reflects that he is President & CEO of Squire Holdings in Vineland, NJ.  His Facebook profile reflects that he is President & CEO of Squire Holdings in Philadelphia.  A web search shows no such company.  The documentation is here

Squire Profile

  • Squire has either lied or was wrong on many of the issues he based his campaign on in 2017.  Case in point he talked about offering Petty’s Island to Amazon and developing the island around Amazon (homes, a hotel, etc).  He seemed completely unaware that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the island.  In 2004 a prior development project was halted when the eagles were spotted on the island.  In 2009 the land was handed over to the New Jersey Land Trust with the easement.  Did Squire do not so much as a Google search before trying to convince voters to support him based on developing the island?  There are more examples and documentation is here.


These are some of the factual documented aspects of Squire’s background that Positively Pennsauken has discussed previously.  Today I’d like to talk about Squire’s behavior.  His behavior can be described as strange in some cases and offensive in others.  Allow me to provide some examples;

  • Last year in a video Squire compared voting for incumbent Democrats to a woman staying with an abusive husband.  People were outraged.  Squire refused to apologize or acknowledge the pain his comments caused.  After his overwhelming loss in the 2017 election the issue died as everyone assumed Squire would go away.  When he announced that he’d again be running for Pennsauken Township Committee in 2018 residents of Pennsauken again demanded an apology for his insensitive and offensive comment.  Squire first refused to apologize then made a mockery of maybe apologizing.  Finally Squire invited the women of Pennsauken (saying that men were not invited) to a Pennsauken cookie shop on Valentines day evening teasing that he would maybe apologize.  He put out a series of strange videos implying that he would make an apology, then saying he would not making an apology then stating maybe he would make an apology.  It was a mockery that some felt was even more offensive then his original comments.  Ultimately only a couple of women attended his “cookie apology event” most finding spending Valentines Day evening with their spouses more important and some expressing concern about being face to face with Squire.  Squire does everything via controlled video content.  Why would he not put out a video apologizing for his comment?  A clip of his original comment is here
  • Squire’s TIPPR party invited the public to attend an “Intro to the Progressive Republican Party & Indentation to join. As a Pennsauken resident and registered Republican I decided to attend the TIPPR party event.  I was the only member of the public to attend (other then the two police officers that responded to Squire’s call).  Squire decided he did not want me there, despite him inviting the public and called the Pennsauken Police to remove me.  A video and further explanation is here


  • While awaiting the Pennsauken Police to remove me from his public event Squire approached the table where I was sitting, slammed papers onto the table and said “You’re served”. The paperwork reflected a $10 million lawsuit against me.  Squire claimed to be suing me for $10 million for falsely sharing documentation in 2017 that his family home ii in foreclosure.  The “lawsuit” appeared to have been typed on someone’s home computer and had no stamp that it had been filed with any official court.  There were several issues with Squire’s “lawsuit”.

According to the New Jersey Rules of Civil Procedure someone having direct interest in litigation cannot serve a summons.

I visited the Camden County Courthouse and asked the Court Clerk to tell me if my name was attached to any lawsuit using the Docket Number on Squire’s “lawsuit”.  I learned that Squire filed suit against complete other parties in December 2017 and fraudulently used that Docket Number to try to intimidate me.   The Court Clerk not only confirmed that my name is not attached to the lawsuit under that Docket Number but provided me copies of the lawsuit Squire did file against complete other parties.  The Pennsauken Police have been notified of Squire’s fraudulent  activities.

His family home is in foreclosure!  The documents I provided in 2017 are true and proven by documents I obtained via an OPRA request in 2018.

  • As if making a joke of domestic violence was not enough Squire then went on to use suicide in a sarcastic reply to a resident questioning him stating “Thank God you’re not a suicide prevention counselor”.  I heard from several people who had lost loved ones to suicide who were outraged by Squire’s remarks.  I am one of those people as I lost my father to suicide when I was a child.  Squire has made no attempt to apologize.

 Squire Suicide 2

  • Squire was removed from a bond referendum presentation at Roosevelt School by the Pennsauken Police Department on February 19, 2018 for causing a disturbance.  My understanding is that Squire made a disturbance outside before the presentation even began causing officials to call for police assistance.  I wrote about the incident here  At the next Township Committee meeting Squire complained to the Mayor and Township Committee about being removed from the referendum presentation at Roosevelt School.  Mayor Killion responded “were you removed from township property?  No?  Then take it up with the school board.”
  • Speaking of the bond referendum Squire made a strange series of videos opposing the referendum using inaccurate information.   Squire seemed willing to say anything to ensure the referendum did not pass and failed to prove any of his claims.  Many people think that Squire’s motivation was him knowing the referendum had a good chance of not passing he would take responsibility claiming look what I did.  I got the referendum voted down.  Elected me to Township Committee and see what else I do!  Thankfully the referendum did pass.  I hope that it passed in part because voters recognized that Squire was wrong and realized his motivation.
  • Squire has made several videos demonstrating that he apparently does not understand the difference between the Pennsauken Board of Education and the Pennsauken Township Committee. If you watch Squire’s videos he often confuses BOE issues with Township Committee issues and blames Township Committee for issues he has with the BOE.  He appears to be running for Township Committee on a campaign of attacking the school district.  Additionally he doesn’t appear to understand the difference between Pennsauken Township’s budget and the Pennsauken Board of Education’s budget or the difference between the two entities.
  • Squire coined the term “Betsy-Cans” earlier this year. While he hasn’t provided an official definition of the term Betsy-Can it appears to refer to a Republican who is willing to work in cooperation with Democrats.  Squire seems to think that those with an R on their voter registration card have to constantly battle with those who have a D on their voter registration card.  Squire is brining dirty politics to Pennsauken by running a slander campaign.  I blogged about it here  I believe in the two party system.  I do believe that it’s best for the residents of Pennsauken to have strong candidates from both parties running.  However when a candidate as unqualified as Squire who acts so strangely as he does and has been proven both a liar and wrong on the issues he bases his campaign on voters are forced to choose the best candidate regardless of party.  Here is the irony.  While Squire criticizes local Republicans for not supporting him (with good reason) he put out a video last year stating that he would not support the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  Using Squire’ rationale shouldn’t’ he have supported the Republican candidate for President?  The video is here


  • On March 12, 2018 I stopped at the Pennsauken Municipal Building and while parking spotted Squire’s car in a handicapped parking space (see picture). I shared the picture on social media and many expressed outrage that Squire who walks all over Pennsauken campaigning and is clearly able-bodied would use a handicapped parking spot that someone else may have needed (I parked in a legal space behind Squire.  Him using a legal space would have cost him 10 or 15 extra feet).   Surprisingly Squire did respond when a resident questioned him about it.  I thought for a moment that his explanation would be sincere and include and apology but in typical Squire sarcastic style he had to end with a sarcastic remark “Let me also confess I left a ½ swallow of range juice in the refrigerator Forgive me”.  Squire is a candidate for public office who illegally and immorally used a handicapped parking spot that maybe have been needed by someone truly disabled.  Instead of humbling himself and apologizing he makes a sarcastic remark?

Squire Lincoln

Squire Parking Explination


  • Squire fraudulently filed a criminal complaint against an employee of Pennsauken Township.  While Squire was teasing his “Will I apologize?  Yes I’ll apologize.  Maybe I’ll apologize.” Valentines Day cookie party he was making such a mockery that people were outraged.  This township employee, at 6:30 PM (after his work day) made a comment on social media trying to bring some levity to the situation and calm people down.  Squire lied claiming that this employee threatened to run anyone who attended any of Squire’s events over with his car.  It is clear to anyone who read the social media post this is not what was said or intended.  Squire appears to use the legal system to try to intimidate his detractors by filing frivolous and fraudulent actions.
  • In one of his many conspiracy theories Squire put out a video on the day of the referendum vote claiming that he went to his polling place and was told he was registered as a mail in ballot.  This was verified and according to the county election board Squire is registered as a mail in ballot and a ballot was mailed to his home.  Is Squire implying that the Camden County Board of Elections conspired with the Pennsauken Board of Education to ensure he could not vote?  Really Squire?  I’ll also note that Squire recorded this video while driving his car.  Is that not illegal?
  • Last year while conducting an interview he threatened to assault me.  My understanding is that he also threatened to “hit” me in front of township employees when he saw me at the municipal building two days ago (I did not hear it but was told).


  • Squire has been posting on social media using the fake screen name “Nancy Ross”.  While Squire has blocked many residents from his personal  social media accounts (how he expects to be elected when he has blocked so many people from seeing his content is beyond me).  Under his Nancy Ross persona (it only took a quick Google search to find that Squire found “Nancy Ross’s” profile picture on an eCommerce web site) Squire has used vulgar language and attacked Pennsauken residents (including me).   You would think that after several people proved that “Nancy Ross” is a fake profile and Squire was called out he would stop using this profile to make vulgar attacks on voters.  He has not.

Nancy Ross Profile

Squire fake profile pic


  • To me this is the strangest and most inappropriate behavior of all.  Squire has dug into my background going as far back as 17 years ago (when I was living in Nevada) to dig up dirt on me that he has been sharing on social media.  It would appear that Squire believes that by digging into my past he will either discredit me (which is impossible because I have documented proof of everything I’ve said about him) or intimidate me into shutting down this blog.  A couple of comments;

Squire does not seem to understand that the people of Pennsauken do not care about me.  I am not running for public office, will not be controlling public funds and my personal finances have no impact on anyone else. By posting my personal financial information on social media all Squire is accomplishing is making himself look more foolish and unfit to serve.

Squire is a public figure running for office.  The information I have shared with my fellow residents is factual and backed up by documentation.

I have consulted with an Attorney.  Squire is a public figure running for public office.  I am a private citizen not a public figure and not running for office.  My Attorney asked several weeks ago if I wanted to take legal action against Squire. At the time I said no but Squire’s continuing to post my personal and private financial information on social media has changed my mind.  Squire should expect to hear from my Attorney.


Squire is a candidate running for public office.  He should be working to gain our respect and votes.  Instead his behavior has been strange, inappropriate, offensive and dishonest.  Let’s take a look at Squire and decide together if he’s the right candidate to serve the people of Pennsauken.

  • His behavior has become increasingly more bazar, inappropriate, offensive, dishonest and unpredictable.
  • He has  felony convictions for Theft by Deception and Burglary that he explains differently depending on his audience.
  • He was arrested last summer for beating his son so badly that he was charged with second degree felony assault.
  • He has refused to talk about his professional qualifications or even how he earns a living.
  • Foreclosure proceedings, outstanding fines (over $1.2 million) and outstanding property maintenance violations on his family home.
  • Lies
  • Wrong on the issues / inadequate research.
  • Leaving voters wondering if he is running for Pennsauken Township Committee or the Pennsauken Board of Education.
  • Verbally attacking Pennsauken residents on social media using a fake screen name.
  • Using the courts frivolously and fraudulently to attempt to intimidate those who do not agree with him.
  • Removed from Pennsauken School District property for causing a disturbance.
  • Unable to distinguish the difference between the Pennsauken Township Committee and the Pennsauken Board of Education.
  • Conspiracy theories / paranoia.
  • Illegally using handicapped parking spaces that are reserved for and may have been needed by the disabled.
  • Sarcastic and inappropriate responses when residents and voters ask him questions or do not agree with him.
  • Digging into the background of  private citizen who is not running for public office and posting their (my) personal financial information on social media to either intimidate or attempt to discredit.

Squire may be able to brush all of this off his shoulder but the voters of Pennsauken will not!

Sauire Shoulder 2