Karma can be a vindictive bitch

You didn’t think I was going to let a day go by without mentioning Vincent Squire being thrown out of the referendum presentation at Roosevelt School last night did you?   How well do you know me?  Karma can be a vindictive bitch Mr. Squire.  Did you forget having the same police department throw me out of your political rally at Macaro’s a few weeks ago?  You remember, the public private event that I was the only person to show up for?  I’m sorry that’s inaccurate.  Two police officers attended as well (after you called them to remove me). 

As I understand it (I unfortunately arrived late) Squire showed up at the bond referendum meeting last night at Roosevelt School after trespassing on high school property just a few days ago to record a political video.  He then recorded a video just outside the property claiming that the (air quotes) the Superintendent called the police “I’m not allowed here because I caused a disturbance”.  For a split second I thought Squire was going to tell the truth in his video.  Then he went off into Squireland (if he can use Betsy-can I can use Squireland).  He claims he only asked a question but witnesses tell me that he caused a disturbance with the Superintendent outside before the event, was told by the Superintendent he could not go inside (because of the chaos he was causing outside) then told the Superintendent he’d go anywhere he wanted.  Squire proceeded to go inside and set up his video camera.  The police were called and he was removed.

He  goes on to say “I got tossed out.  I must be striking a nerve with the township”.  I have to try to break this down.  When he says “township” does he mean residents?  If so I’d have to agree Squire.  You are getting on almost every one of our nerves.  Please stop.  Please.  Stop.  The prisoners you speak to in prison are behind bars and can’t leave.  We can.

When he says “township” does he mean Township Committee?  While I hope that our Township Committee members are concerned about someone charged with second degree felony assault on a minor lurking around school property twice in the span of a week I’ll give Squire a civics lesson.  The Pennsauken Township Committee did not call the police on him last night.  The Superintendent did.  Two. Separate.  Entities.  The Superintendent was hired by the Board of Education.

Here is the highlight of the 2018 election season so far for me.  Squire promises that if he gets elected he will do everything in his power to see that the Superintendent is fired.  Mr. Squire, the Superintendent reports to the……  Never mind.  He’s not listening anyway.

Dr. Tarchichi I think you can relax and not concern yourself about job security.  The residents of Pennsauken see Squire for who he is.

  • Unexplained convictions for Theft by Deception.
  • An arrest for second degree assault (on a minor).
  • He will not talk about his professional qualifications or even how he earns a living.
  • Foreclosure proceedings and outstanding fines and violations on his family home.
  • Lies.
  • Wrong on the issues.
  • Inadequate research.
  • Offending victims of domestic violence for his own political purposes.
  • Using a school shooting in Florida to further his political agenda.
  • Leaving voters unclear if he is running for Township Committee or Board of Education (future blog post)

Is Mr. Squire the right candidate to serve the people of Pennsauken?