Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours

Failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee Candidate Vincent Squire is again running for Township Committee in 2018.  During last year’s campaign it was discovered that Mr. Squire’s home (in his wife’s name) was in foreclosure.  Mr. Squire claimed that was not the case and threatened a $10 million dollar lawsuit against me and others for publicizing it.

Earlier this month Squire handed me a homemade document claiming it was a $10 million lawsuit.  According to the New Jersey Rules of Civil Procedure Mr. Squire could not “serve” me because he has a “direct interest in the litigation”.    Mr. Squire did not seem to do the research to properly serve me with a lawsuit (information easily obtained via a Google search).

A search on the NJ Courts web site using the Docket Number on Squire’s lawsuit showed that the Docket Number belonged to a lawsuit he had filed against other parties in December of 2017.  On Monday February 12, 2018 I visited the Camden County Courthouse to confirm my name was not attached to the suit he had filed.  The Court Clerk confirmed that the lawsuit matching the Docket Number Squire provided on his homemade lawsuit was against other parties and my name was not attached.  Did Squire really commit fraud just to try to intimidate me?

Squire’s attempt to intimidate me into not reporting on him prompted me to do some additional research.  Searching the NJ Courts public access web site I found a foreclosure action brought by Nationstar Mortgage against Vincent Squire and his wife.

Mortgage Docket Redacted

Please note I have redacted Squire’s wife’s name from the documents. 

I keep digging.  The case detail that follows shows the action was brought forward by Nationstar Mortgage and entered as a default judgement on October 5, 2016.  You can read what was found on the NJ Courts Public Access website here Mortgage Filing Redacted.  

Based on Squire’s threats I had already filed an OPRA request with Pennsauken Township.  As you’ll see (I apologize for the multiple pictures.  I could not make it fit in one frame and still be readable) the bank paid the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township on Squire and his wife’s home on January 25, 2018.  NOTE: I covered the rest of the addresses to protect other homeowners.

Squire Mortgge Fee Paid 1

Squire Mortgage Fee Paid 2

In the next two photos, also from my OPRA request, you’ll see that Squire and his wife’s home is listed in “Pre-Foreclosure” status and an “Active Registration”

Preforeclosure Page 1

Preforeclosure Page 2 Redacted

Mr. Squire claimed last year that this was not a foreclosure but a negotiation with his mortgage holder over his rate being increased and that they had settled “having enough money to put down and pay down the principal of our mortgage”.


If Squire settled this then why did their mortgage holder pay the foreclosure fee on their home to Pennsauken Township for 2018?  If this matter is settled why does the Pennsauken Township database show the home in “Pre-Foreclosure” status and an “Active Registration”?

As  a result of my OPRA request I found additional information.

On August 4, 2015 Squire’s home (which is in his wife’s name) received a Notice of Violation from Pennsauken Township with an order to be in compliance by August 19, 2015.   The Notice of Violation seems to have been ignored because on August 21, 2017 Squire’s wife was issued a summons.  As far as I can determine no court appearance took place and the matter still has not been resolved.  You can view the Notice of Violation and summons here.  Summons and Notice of Violation And Order To Terminate Redacted

The next item I found is a building permit issued while Squire was in prison and as I understand it before he was married but the issues have apparently continued long into his marriage and him living in the home.  To the best I can determine this remains unresolved.

According to the Notice and Order of Penalty issued by Pennsauken Township “Therefore you are ORDERED to pay a penalty in the amount of $2,000 for each violation for a total penalty of $1,290,285.71”.  It goes on to read “Further, take NOTICE that for each Week that any of the said violation remain outstanding after 12/19/2013, an additional penalty of $2,000 per Week shall result”.   Again as far as I can determine this his not be resolved and the $1,290,285.71 in fines remain due and payable.  You can view the Notice and Order of Penalty here. Notice And Order Of Penalty Redacted

Mr. Squire cannot seem to get his own house in order yet wants to serve the residents of Pennsauken Township and govern over ours.  While his home is in his wife’s name the mortgage company has included him in the foreclosure action.  Additionally, I would think Mr. Squire would assume shared responsibility for his family home and ensure the outstanding violations and fines due Pennsauken Township were satisfied – especially before he attempts to serve as a Pennsauken Township Committeeperson.

Unexplained convictions for Theft by Deception.  Foreclosure actions.  Outstanding violations and fines on his family home.  Wrong on the issues.  Inadequate research.   Offending victims of domestic violence with his politically motivated statements.  Is Mr. Squire the right candidate to serve on Pennsauken Township Committee?