Which is it Mr. Squire?

During his failed 2017 run for Pennsauken Township Committee it was learned that Mr. Squire has a criminal record and had served time in prison from 2007 to 2012.  Those charges include Theft by Deception on September 17, 2004, Theft by Deception on November 19, 2004, Burglary on January 4, 2005 and Theft By Deception: False Impression on March 13, 2006.    He entered prison on November 9, 2007 and ended his sentence on August 9, 2012.  Many in Pennsauken were willing to accept Mr. Squire’s claim that he had turned his life around.  Many simply wanted an explanation of the circumstances surrounding his convictions.  If successful in his run for Pennsauken Township Committee Mr. Squire would have had shared fiscal responsibility for the Township.  Multiple convictions for Theft by Deception is concerning.  Voters wanted and deserved details on what appears to be an 18 month crime spree. 

In typical Squire fashion he released controlled content via a video posted on social media but refused to answer questions about his convictions.  Finally in an interview with me broadcast via Facebook live in October 2017 he discussed his convictions.  Unfortunately the answers didn’t quite match what he had said in his video months before.  See for yourself.


In his original explanation Mr. Squire says he was convicted of burglary in 2008.  His burglary conviction was actually in 2007.  Mr. Squire claims he had “purchased a property” then says the owner “decided not to show up for settlement”.   Mr. Squire doesn’t appear to understand that if the owner “decided not to show up for settlement” he had not “purchased a property”.  Additionally he gives no detail as to what he did to get charged with burglary.

During my interview with Mr. Squire he claims his burglary conviction was because he evicted a cheating girlfriend from his home and put her things outside.

Which is it Mr. Squire?

He then says that he took “his vehicle” which resulted in a conviction for Theft by Deception?

Wait, what?

Then he goes back to his original burglary expiation about buying a property.  Mr. Squire claims “I already paid the owner.  At settlement I was going to pay her husband.  She didn’t show up”.

Wait what?  You paid the owner but you were going to pay the husband at settlement but the wife didn’t show up?

Wait, what?

He claims “As I was getting stuff out I got arrested again.  For burglary”.

Wait, what?

I’m getting confused.  There is one burglary conviction on his record and multiple very different explanations.

Which is it Mr. Squire?

Also note that in his first explanation he claims “I’ve never had a criminal record whatsoever besides minor traffic” then in his interview with me says “Me, never having so much as a traffic violation”.

Which is it Mr. Squire?

Squire Mug Shot

Information from mugshots.com 

If you are keeping score Mr. Squire has three Theft by Deception and one Burglary conviction.  If I’m following along he’s given two (maybe three – I’m not positive since his first one was vague) explanations for Burglary and one explanation for Theft by Deception.

Which is it Mr. Squire?  And what about the other two Theft by Deception convictions?

Can Pennsauken afford to elect a Committeeperson who will have shared fiscal responsibility for our township who has multiple unexplained Theft by Deception convictions on his record?