More police officers or stop wasting police resources?

During his failed 2017 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee Mr. Squire spent a great deal of  time criticizing the current Township Committee members because in his opinion they have not hired enough additional police officers.   If Mr. Squire believes that police department staffing levels are not adequate then why would he waste police resources by calling the police and having the only person who attended his Pennsauken Progressive Republican rally removed?

Invitation to Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party

On February 8, 2018 the public was invited to what was billed as an “Intro to the Progressive Republican Party & invitation to join”.  The details of the invitation read “Intro to the Progressive Republican Party & invitation to join.  Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated are welcome to come and attend the First Meeting”.  As a Pennsauken resident and registered Republican I decided to attend the meeting, learn more about this organization and ask Mr. Squire questions about his candidacy.  As you’ll see in the video I was the only member of the public to attend the event and Mr. Squire decided he did not want me there.  Two police officers who could have been out protecting the community had to respond to Mr. Squire’s call and ask me to leave the event.  Please note that I removed the officers likenesses from the video.  They were very professional, were doing their jobs and I have no issue with the police officers.

As you see in the video I was not confrontational with Mr. Squire and all of my questions were directly related to his campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee.  Why will Mr. Squire not answer questions from the public?  Why did Mr. Squire feel the need to have police remove a member of the public from an event he invited the public to?  How can Mr. Squire spend so much time complaining about a lack of police resources then waste police resources?  These are just some of the questions we may never get answers from Mr. Squire.

Unfortunately for Mr. Squire the only ones to attend his political rally were myself and the two police officers who responded.  Since Mr. Steinberg has suspended his run for Pennsauken Township Committee and Mr. Van has suspended his run for Pennauken Board of Education it would seem the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party is now a party of one.

Rules for Service NJ

You’ll notice in the video Mr. Squire tells me “You’ve been served”.  He’s referring to a $10 million frivolous lawsuit that he typed up on his computer.  Mr. Squire claims he is representing himself Pro se (without an Attorney) in the lawsuit.  Mr. Squire could not even research and get that right.  According to the New Jersey Rules of Civil Procedure summonses shall be served “by the sheriff, or by a person specially appointed by the court for that purpose, or by plaintiff’s attorney or the attorney’s agent, or by any other competent adult not having a direct interest in the litigation”  Clearly if his lawsuit is in fact real Mr. Squire has a direct interest in the litigation and cannot serve the parties.

Can Pennsauken afford to elect a Committeeperson who appears to lack the most basic research skills, is wrong on so many issues and is proven to have lied to voters?