Email to the Camden County Republican Committee regarding the Pennsauken Progressive Republicans

On February 9. 2018 I sent the following email to the Camden County Republican Committee.   As a Pennsauken resident and registered Republican voter I need to understand if and why the county organization supports Mr. Squire and his Pennsauken Progressive Republicans and state my objection.  If I do not get satisfaction from the Camden County Republican Committee I will be taking this to the state level. 

From: Mike Astringer
Sent: Friday, February 9, 2018 3:21 PM
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: Question regarding the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Club

Good afternoon,

I am a registered Republican voter and Pennsauken resident.   It has come to my attention that the “Pennsauken Progressive Republican Club” is promoting itself as an “official party and endorsed by the Camden County Republican” (see attachment).

Description of the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party

If true I find this highly concerning.  Pennsauken has a long-standing Republican club in place.  Vincent Squire, one of the three founders of the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Club is a felon who served prison time for multiple felonies (including 3-convictions for Theft by Deception).   Mr. Squire’s flat out lies during his last run for Pennsauken Township Committee are well documented.  He was also wrong about many of the issues he ran on (for example he spoke at great length about developing Petty’s Island.  Petty’s Island is owned by the New Jersey Lands Trust and has an environment easement.  He also talked about developing Pennsauken’s waterfront seemingly unaware that Pennsauken does not own the land a long the waterfront).  Ken Steinberg, another founder of the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Club changed his voter registration to Republican just a few weeks ago (and publicized that he had done so on social media).

Vincent Squire is an unpopular figure in Pennsauken and an embarrassment to Republicans here.  Republicans in Pennsauken are a small group and Mr. Squire and his new Republican club have the potential to even further erode the presence of Republicans in Pennsauken.   If in fact the Camden County Republican Party is supporting Vincent Squire I as a Republican voter have to question the judgement of this organization, question supporting candidates this organization supports and question financially supporting any candidate this organization supports.  I also believe strongly that the Camden County Republicans should defer to the Pennsauken Republicans before supporting any candidate for office in Pennsuaken.

I would appreciate a response and confirmation that the Camden County Republicans are supporting Mr. Squire and his Pennauken Progressive Republican Club.  If not I would appreciate the organization announcing that it does not support the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Club so Republicans in Pennsauken can avoid further embarrassment and separate themselves.

Thank you very much.

Mike Astringer