Mr. Squire the women of Pennsauken are still waiting for an apology!

Late in the 2017 election season Mr. Squire insulted every woman in Pennsauken and anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence.  He made a comparison between voting for the incumbent Democrats and a woman staying with an abusive husband.


The blowback from these comments on social media was swift and could not be ignored – except that Mr. Squire chose to ignore them.  We saw Mr. Squire say to the women who demanded an apology “Why do you want an apology for something not directed to you?”

Mr. Squire does not seem to realize the hurt he caused or doesn’t care.  Positively Pennsauken tried to get Mr. Squire to acknowledge that hurt and apologize to the women of Pennsauken.  He refused.

When Mr. Squire suffered an overwhelming loss in the 2017 election we assumed that he’d go away quietly.  Now that Mr. Squire has announced that he will again run for Township Committee in 2018 we must insist that he apologize to the women of Pennsauken and everyone who has ever suffered at he hands of an abuser.

Mr Squire, the woman of Pennsauken are waiting!