Editorial: Vincent Squire was bad for Pennsauken then and is bad for Pennsauken now.

Vincent Squire has announced his candidacy for the 2018 Township Committee election after an overwhelming defeat in the 2017 election.  He has also announced that he is founding The Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party with his running mate Ken Steinberg and unsuccessful 2017 Pennsauken Board of Education candidate Nhuan Van.

Let’s first look at the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party.  Mr. Squire and Mr. Steinberg, realizing they have no chance to gain the endorsement of the Pennsauken Republican Club, are circumventing the local Republicans to get their names on the  ballot.  Mr. Squire and Mr. Steinberg expressed their interest in being endorsed by the Pennsauken Republican Club but before the vetting process could even begin began to criticize the Pennsauken Republicans, calling them “Betsy-cans” then founded their own club.

It is with good reason that local Republicans do not support Mr. Squire.  Mr. Squire has been caught in many lies believing that his deceit will win the votes of those who take him at his word.  Let’s start with Mr. Squire’s criminal record.

Mr. Squire has an arrest record that goes back to 2004 (that we can find).  His convictions include three charges of Theft by Deception and one count of Burglary.  Mr. Squire was sentenced on these charges in 2007 and 2008.  He served time in prison beginning in 2007 and was released in 2012.  Many in Pennsauken were willing to accept Mr. Squire’s explanation that he had turned his life around until the lies started.  Positively Pennsauken has video of Mr. Squire telling two very different stories relating to his convictions.  In one version Mr. Squire says his convictions were related to a business deal gone bad.  In another version Mr. Squire says his convictions were related to a personal relationship gone bad.  After giving multiple versions of the story Mr. Squire refused to confirm either version.  Mr. Squire does not seem to understand that before we vote for a candidate who is going to have shared fiscal responsibility for our township’s finances we must know the circumstances surrounding theft by deception convictions.

Squire Mug Shot


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Mr. Squire refuses to answer questions or even discuss his professional qualifications to hold office.  His LinkedIn profile reflects that he is President &  CEO of The Squires Group.  A web search shows The Squires Group is an ERP and IT Consulting firm in Annapolis, MD.   His LinkedIn profile also reflects that he is President & CEO of Squire Holdings in Vineland, NJ.   His Facebook profile shows him as President and CEO of Squire Holdings in Philadelphia.  A web search finds no such company.   What is Squire Holdings?  Why will Mr. squire not tell us?  Does this company exist? How does Mr. Squire expect the voters to support a candidate who will not discuss his professional qualifications?

Squire Profile

Last summer Mr. Squire was arrested and charged with Second Degree Felony Aggravated Assault.  Given Mr. Squire’s prior criminal record voters asked how Mr. Squire expected to serve out a term on Township Committee if he was sentenced to a long prison sentence.  He refused to answer the question.

Mr. Squire talks about his grandiose ideas and plans for Pennsauken in his videos.  There is just one problem.  Mr. Squire has not researched the issues and his plans are not based in reality.  Case in point.  In the following video Mr. Squire talks about moving Amazon to Petty’s Island.  Mr. Squire seems unaware that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the island.   Pennsauken Township was previously in talks with Developer Cherokee to bring a $1 billion mix-use development to the island that would have included 700 dwellings, retail, a hotel and a golf course.   In 2004 those plans were halted when the bald eagles were spotted on the island.   In 2009 the land was handed over to the New Jersey Land Trust with an easement.   Did Mr. Squire not do so much as a Google search before trying to convince voters he’d develop the island?

Mr. Squire also talks about developing Pennsauken’s waterfront.  He tells voters that Pennsauken can increase the amount of police officers and lower taxes through waterfront development.  Mr. Squire talks of using the waterfront land for a community park, a community center, fishing pier, restaurants condominiums and a supermarket.  There is only one problem.  Pennsauken does not own the land along the riverfront and as far as anyone knows the owners of the land are not interested in selling the land to the Township for development.  Again Mr. Squire tries to influence voters through ideas that will never become reality.

Is Mr. Squire the right man to serve the people of Pennsuken?

Mr. Squire was invited to an interview with Positively Pennauken and responded much as he did in 2017 when I asked.  To date we still have not been granted an interview.

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 2:08 PM, Mike Astringer

Mr. Squire,

As you may be aware I have recently started the online news blog Positively Pennsauken.  Positively Pennsauken will report on the organizations, events and people that make Pennsauken great.  We’ll also cover Township Committee, Board of Education and the political happenings in our town.  As we committed when we founded our Facebook page our reporting of Pennsauken issues will be completely fair and balanced.  We welcome all sides to share their views.

Two significant events have surfaced in the past couple of weeks that we are interested in covering.  First of course is your announcement that you will again run for Pennsauken Township Committee.  The second is your accouchement that you are starting another Republican Club the “Pennsauken Progressive Republicans”.   I am interested in conducting a video interview with you.   Please let me know if you are willing to conduct an interview with Positively Pennsauken and we can schedule a date, time and location.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Astringer


From: Vincent Squire [mailto:XXXXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 2:49 PM
To: Mike Astringer <mike@mikeastringer.com>
Subject: Re: Interview request

I will discuss this with the rest of the candidates and get back to you

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