Karma can be a vindictive bitch

You didn’t think I was going to let a day go by without mentioning Vincent Squire being thrown out of the referendum presentation at Roosevelt School last night did you?   How well do you know me?  Karma can be a vindictive bitch Mr. Squire.  Did you forget having the same police department throw me out of your political rally at Macaro’s a few weeks ago?  You remember, the public private event that I was the only person to show up for?  I’m sorry that’s inaccurate.  Two police officers attended as well (after you called them to remove me).  Continue reading “Karma can be a vindictive bitch”

Career Day at Phifer Middle School

Phifer Middle School is holding a Career Day on Thursday March 15, 2018.  They are in need of guest speakers.  The organizers would like guests from the community to come out and share information and experiences about their occupations with students.   There will be small group sessions where guests can discuss their educational background, steps they took to achieve their career goals, responsibilities in their jobs and any other information that will inspire students. Continue reading “Career Day at Phifer Middle School”

Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours

Failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee Candidate Vincent Squire is again running for Township Committee in 2018.  During last year’s campaign it was discovered that Mr. Squire’s home (in his wife’s name) was in foreclosure.  Mr. Squire claimed that was not the case and threatened a $10 million dollar lawsuit against me and others for publicizing it. Continue reading “Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours”

Which is it Mr. Squire?

During his failed 2017 run for Pennsauken Township Committee it was learned that Mr. Squire has a criminal record and had served time in prison from 2007 to 2012.  Those charges include Theft by Deception on September 17, 2004, Theft by Deception on November 19, 2004, Burglary on January 4, 2005 and Theft By Deception: False Impression on March 13, 2006.    He entered prison on November 9, 2007 and ended his sentence on August 9, 2012.  Many in Pennsauken were willing to accept Mr. Squire’s claim that he had turned his life around.  Many simply wanted an explanation of the circumstances surrounding his convictions.  If successful in his run for Pennsauken Township Committee Mr. Squire would have had shared fiscal responsibility for the Township.  Multiple convictions for Theft by Deception is concerning.  Voters wanted and deserved details on what appears to be an 18 month crime spree.  Continue reading “Which is it Mr. Squire?”

More police officers or stop wasting police resources?

During his failed 2017 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee Mr. Squire spent a great deal of  time criticizing the current Township Committee members because in his opinion they have not hired enough additional police officers.   If Mr. Squire believes that police department staffing levels are not adequate then why would he waste police resources by calling the police and having the only person who attended his Pennsauken Progressive Republican rally removed? Continue reading “More police officers or stop wasting police resources?”

Email to the Camden County Republican Committee regarding the Pennsauken Progressive Republicans

On February 9. 2018 I sent the following email to the Camden County Republican Committee.   As a Pennsauken resident and registered Republican voter I need to understand if and why the county organization supports Mr. Squire and his Pennsauken Progressive Republicans and state my objection.  If I do not get satisfaction from the Camden County Republican Committee I will be taking this to the state level.  Continue reading “Email to the Camden County Republican Committee regarding the Pennsauken Progressive Republicans”

Local organizations making a difference – The Pennsauken Alliance on Substance Abuse

The Pennsauken Alliance on Substance Abuse (PASA)  works to educate the community about ways to stop abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.   The PASA works closely with Pennsauken High School’s substance abuse counselor and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) chapter to develop and support programs to help students stay away from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. PASA works with the community to get involvement from local residents, businesses and organizations. Continue reading “Local organizations making a difference – The Pennsauken Alliance on Substance Abuse”